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The Women, Influence & Power in Law Network (WIPL) was launched in 2012 as foundation to integrate seven specific projects designed to accelerate economic empowerment of women in law departments and law firms. Each of these projects offers unparalleled value to rising women legal leaders through a meaningful and actionable support network. Together, these events foster networking, mentoring and sharing of ideas and best practices, within the context of workshops, conferences, informal luncheons and dinners and awards events.


Project 5/165

Regional Executive Leadership Development and Training Workshops

Launched in 2012, Project 5/165 consists of a series of regional workshops, each designed to support and accelerate the development of women in-house lawyers. This is a feeder program to the more advanced projects in the WIPL framework. The name derives from the goal—a target—to have 165 (30%) women serving as general counsel in Fortune 500 companies within five years. Since the inaugural event in 2012, more than 140 women have participated in 15 workshops in six different cities: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. In 2015, six regional workshops are scheduled in April through June.

Visit Project 5/165 to learn more or register for an event.



A list of 100 women who are likely to become General Counsel in the next three years

In the August issue of InsideCounsel magazine, we will profile and publicly recognize 100 women who may become general counsel in the Fortune 500 within the next three years.

To find these leaders, we will reach out to sitting general counsel, executive search firms and others, and ask leaders in the field to identify high potential candidates.

Learn more about the R3-100 Class of 2014.


WIPL Annual Conference

Annual forum of in-house and outside counsel provide an opportunity for an unprecedented exchange of the industry’s most pressing issues.

By all accounts, the first WIPL Conference in 2013—a forum for women in-house and out¬side counsel to discuss current legal, department management and professional development issues—was an overwhelming success. More than 350 women attended the inaugural conference hold in October 2013, in Washington, D.C. Through panels, keynote interviews and interactive discussions, women learned from each other, and brought their individual experience and perspectives on issues of:

Governance & Compliance, Litigation & Investigations, Intellectual Property, Government Relations & Public Policy, Global Litigation & Transactions, Labor & Employment, Executive Leadership Skills Development

Visit www.wiplevent.com for 2015 information.


Transformative Leadership Awards Dinner

Superb leadership deserves recognition. The Transformative Leadership Award, which began as an awards dinner in 2010, recognizes general counsel and law firm partners who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the economic empowerment of women in law departments and law firms. To date, 33 women have been honored. The next annual dinner will be held in conjunction with the WIPL conference in Washington, D.C. on October 28, 2015.

Visit www.transformativeleadershipawards.com for 2015 information.


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