Predictive Coding 101
Based on content from Predictive Coding For Dummies: Recommind Edition

Date: Thursday, January 24, 2013
Time: 2pm ET | 11am PT
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As electronic documents play an increasingly important role in many legal proceedings, today’s law firms are searching for new ways to review hundreds of thousands or millions of documents in response to an eDiscovery request. Most legal professionals are aware of the costs and time it takes to sift through the mountains of emails, text messages, contracts, spreadsheets, and other documents when preparing for legal proceedings. They’re also aware that the documents you find (or don’t find, as the case may be) and where in the process you find them can determine the success or failure of legal proceedings. Unfortunately, as electronic data volumes have continued to skyrocket, its becomes more difficult and expensive for legal teams to find and review all information that is potentially relevant to a case, a process called electronic discovery (eDiscovery), in the time allotted by the court.

In this webcast, Predictive Coding for Dummies: Recommind Special Edition, Bill Tolson, takes this definitive guide to Predictive Coding, written by his colleagues at Recommind, the company that pioneered and patented this groundbreaking review process and provides a deeper dive into:

    • The current challenges of document review in the eDiscovery process
    • What you should look for in a next generation eDiscovery solution
    • The consequences of using traditional approaches to document review
    • The benefits of an eDiscovery solution designed to address the specific challenges of today’s law firms and legal departments

This webcast will also help you understand how Predictive Coding works and why its considered more accurate and far less expensive than traditional linear review.

Featured Speakers:

Bill Tolson
  • Bill Tolson
  • Subject Matter Expert/Evangelist, Information Governance, eDiscovery
  • Recommind

Bill Tolson has more than 20 years’ experience in product marketing and consulting in computer storage, archiving solutions and eDiscovery markets. Prior to his current position at Recommind, Mr Tolson held management positions at Hewlett-Packard, Autonomy, Iron Mountain, Mimosa Systems, Hitachi Data Systems, StorageTek and Contoural. He has been a featured speaker at many industry events and he is the author of books on eDiscovery and email archiving.

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