Interact & Govern Your Corporate Data Wherever It Lives - Bringing archiving and information governance together

Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012
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Organizations invest valuable time and resources creating infrastructure and processes to protect documents, safeguard information resources, and manage the associated business risks. While some organizations’ retained documents make their way to centralized repositories, what about transitory documents lying on employee’s hard drives, e-mail inboxes, shared drives, and removable media?

During this webinar Proofpoint will discuss the intersection of information archives and in-place information governance. Information archives centralize key business or regulated messages and files to allow for rapid search, collection, and preservation, while ensuring mandated retention policies are followed. At the same time, in-place governance provides management over all the documents that live across an organization's network without forcing people to adopt new, unnatural processes for sharing information.

Join the discussion and learn:

  • How a centralized archive provides the most efficient governance mechanism for key business and regulated information.
  • How the strong compliance offered by in-place information governance helps cut storage costs and mitigate the risks of sanctions, investigations and motions for all working documents
  • How organizations balance both approaches to provide a unified solution to solve regulatory and legal requirements
  • How the Cloud can provide the highest level of performance, functionality and security for the next generation governance practice.


Featured Speaker:

Darren Lee
  • Darren Lee
  • Vice President, Governance
  • Proofpoint

Darren leads Proofpoint’s Information Governance business unit. Before joining Proofpoint, Mr. Lee served as the Founder and CEO of NextPage, a leading provider of Information Governance solutions. Having raised over $60M to fund various startups, Mr. Lee has vast experience in defining markets, creating products, executing acquisitions, and driving revenue to build viable businesses. Mr. Lee has been named a member of the vSpring Capital top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs for the last seven years and he currently serves as a board member for the state of Utah’s Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program. Mr. Lee holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University.

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