• The future of software patents

    Some recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have provided key distinctions on patent law, yet many attorneys would like to see much clearer tests and definitions.

  • Solving the board dilemma: Directors with technology expertise

    This process trains directors to be “lead directors” in those areas of new technology that they chose, and that are based on the key technology priority issues for the company.

  • Cybersecurity and compliance: An unlimited horizon of responsibility

    Make no mistake, the compliance challenges arising from data breaches and other cyber incidents are not limited to industries that, like retail and financial, garner the most conspicuous publicity for events that so directly affect the public.

  • Calculating ROI to drive change

    Consider a compliance system that identifies potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations. Its value may be hard to quantify without a statistician and a lot of assumptions, but it is substantial and should be considered in some fashion.

  • Dashboards: The next big thing

    Apart from providing unheard of insight to legal departments, dashboards provide a means of leveraging your existing operational investments for greater returns.

  • Reasonable expectations

    Perhaps the most befuddling challenges that face these organizations are the complications that arise when they must conduct legal processes in multiple areas with disparate privacy laws.

  • Google facing wave of competition activity in EU

    In February, Google and EU anti-trust reached a settlement over allegations that the company did not supply users with sufficient diversity of options in its search process. EU officials took issue with the fact that results from the engine appeared to favor Google services, but were placated by promises that...

  • Beyond legal: Harnessing data across the enterprise

    There’s no longer a need for litigation teams to always be the bad news bearers. We can be the next unexpected bastions of innovative data analytics.

  • Roundup: Technology

    In this week’s roundup, we take a look at the latest news in the intersection of technology and the law. Apple reaches a settlement in their lawsuit while Amazon is preparing to gear up for one. Dish goes to the FCC in hopes to deny a merger between Comcast and...

  • Taking control of the e-discovery process (Part 1)

    Why should the organization proactively direct, manage and have access into the technology and relevant repositories being used by all outside counsel?

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