• Getting the highest possible value from legal services: Can procurement help?

    When you work together with procurement professionals using market benchmarks and an ELM platform that captures your historical matter data, it can support your efforts to improve outcomes, operational efficiency and pricing.

  • Need benchmarking? Take the 2014 LDO survey

    Now in its seventh year, it is the only survey dedicated to benchmarking the operations of legal departments in areas including staffing, technology, e-discovery, cost management, metrics/reporting, and relationships with outside counsel.

  • Tour of Duty: Dow Corning GC N. Cornell Boggs, III

    Now the senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary of silicon-based manufacturing company Dow Corning, Boggs has developed a wealth of experience running an in-house legal department and helping develop successful in-house counsel.

  • Cyberthreats: On the board's agenda

    Ebay. Wyndham. Target. Adobe. You’ve read the news about major companies being compromised by hackers and viruses. Is your company ready for the cyberattack that is undoubtedly coming?

  • Balance of power

    In the wake of the economic recession and an increasingly challenging compliance landscape, GCs are now critical members of the senior executive team.

  • Client service differentiators: What makes the difference

    Delivering on promises is still an opportunity for a firm to differentiate itself from others. We’ve summarized two years’ worth of client interviews with general counsel and senior litigation counsel to find what they look for in outside counsel.

  • Making allies in unexpected places

    General counsel are essential players in building some very important relationships, and there is one connection in particular that has developed into a critical dynamic for businesses.

  • Caesar's wife: GCs in the spotlight and under the gun

    No matter what eventually happens, the controversy surrounding General Motors’ defective ignition switches and the company's alleged failure to recall the product when needed will continue to resonate for in-house counsel in the decades-long struggle to define their dual public and client responsibilities.

  • In-house counsel mentor outside counsel on executive skills

    Here is a unique concept for general counsel: Have your inside lawyers act as mentors to outside counsel to help outside counsel grow, develop and learn your business and build leadership and collaboration skills for your own people in the process.

  • Shareholder support for executive pay plans weakens

    While large-cap companies gain more support from their smaller counterparts, a new report revealed that shareholder support for executive compensation plans has declined in 2014 at mid-cap, small-cap and micro-cap companies.

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