Walt Disney Co.

  • Wal-Mart accused of violating ADA

    Yesterday, we reported on a case in which the 9th Circuit ordered Walt Disney Co. to be more accommodating to disabled theme park visitors. Today, we’re bringing you news about another disability-related case involving the world’s largest retailer: Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

  • 9th Circuit to Disney: Let disabled visitors use Segways

    The 9th Circuit is pushing Walt Disney Co. to consider making its disabled theme park visitors feel more welcome by allowing them to use Segways to get around.

  • Major Hollywood movie studios lose Australian piracy suit

    Maybe if they’re outraged enough, they can make a movie about it. Thirty-four American and Australian companies, including Paramount Pictures, Viacom Inc., Village Roadshow Ltd. and Walt Disney Co., lost a piracy lawsuit in Australia last week when the nation’s top court ruled that a local Internet service provider (ISP)...

  • Judge rejects 7 tech companies' bid to dismiss poaching suit

    People by the thousands are turning out in droves these days to pick up whatever Apple Inc. is selling. But this time, Northern District of California Judge Lucy Koh wasn’t buying it.

  • 7 major tech companies accused in anti-poaching lawsuit

    Breaking news: Someone is suing Apple and Google! This time, however, a few other companies are in the mix. Reports surfaced yesterday that a civil lawsuit against a number of large technology companies over anti-poaching allegations will move forward, although according to a federal judge, the suit may be broken...

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