Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

  • Fighting to win? It takes more than energy

    Because the proposed mark would be perceived as merely touting the fast-acting and long-lasting qualities of the product, and not identifying its source of origin, the Board ruled, the slogan is incapable of functioning as a trademark.

  • Armored assets

    Given all that trademarks involve, many companies—including Chrysler—do everything they can to leverage trademarks. That means that the general counsel's office plays a key role company-wide when it comes to trademark usage.

  • U.S. trademark prosecution: The art of the drawing

    When the applicant submits its “specimen” — a sample of how it uses the mark, the mark in the specimen must match the mark in the application. Compliance with this basic rule requires close collaboration between a company’s creative team and its trademark advisors.

  • U.S. trademark prosecution: It’s not rocket science, more like an art

    In each of these given instances, the applicant likely had good reasons for describing its intended product or service in a certain way, but in each case the evidence of use ultimately supported a different product or service.

  • Don't take THIS name in vain

    It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But vanity flatters no one. Certainly that's so in an interesting trademark spat that pitted music-loving fans on one hand and a maker of intimate and bedroom apparel on the other.

  • Roundup: Intellectual Property

    In recent IP news, there has been trouble for singer Katy Perry as well as the NFL’s Washington Redskins. While Perry is being sued for copyright infringement, the Redskins’s trademark has been cancelled. Meanwhile, a new bill in the House of Representatives is trying to limit the amount of abusive...

  • 5 sports team name changes the Washington Redskins can learn from

    Now, the team has taken a loss, not on the gridiron, but in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. The team’s trademark was cancelled, and, though owner Dan Snyder is likely to win on appeal, he is faced with a decision.

  • Washington Redskins trademark registration canceled

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, a decision following years of complaints that the name is offensive to Native Americans

  • Washington Redskins take a loss at the USPTO

    The USPTO has canceled the Redskins’ trademark registration on the grounds that it is disparaging to American Indians.

  • Cancellation win for Bayer AG over FLANAX registration leaves Belmora without relief

    Bayer recently moved to cancel Belmora’s registration at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, arguing that Belmora’s use of FLANAX here in the U.S. was a “blatant” attempt to confuse Latin American consumers.

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