Stephen Horvath

  • Dissecting Dewey’s money management

    There’s not much reason to keep working at a law firm that has declared bankruptcy, especially one whose downfall has been as spectacularly drawn-out as Dewey & LeBoeuf’s.

  • Dewey paid executive partner $190,000 after bankruptcy filing

    A bankruptcy trustee recently rejected Dewey & LeBoeuf’s proposal to pay remaining workers up to $700,000 in bonuses, but that hasn’t stopped the bankrupt firm from shelling out for several high-level employees.

  • Dewey looks to pay remaining staff $700,000 in bonuses

    Nothing keeps people happy like a fat wallet. And no one can ever accuse bankrupt New York law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf of being shy when it came to promises of doling out ducats.

  • Dewey prepares for bankruptcy

    It appears as though Dewey & LeBoeuf’s hiring of bankruptcy counsel Albert Togut in April really was foreshadowing for a final filing. Despite many assertions to the contrary by firm leadership, of which all save for one already has jumped ship, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the New...

  • Dewey’s leaders discuss downfall, next steps

    The well-publicized collapse of New York law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf likely is coming to its closing chapters. The firm has now lost about 160 of its nearly 320 partners since January 2012 to other firms, with 81 of those partners having announced their departures in May. And for many...

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