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  • IP lockdown

    The era of Big Data is, for better or for worse, upon us. And in this Brave New World that has such data in it, companies inevitably have massive amounts of information that must be kept both private and secure. Trade secrets such as customer lists, manufacturing processes and even...

  • Developing bring-your-own-device programs for a global workforce

    With careful planning and understanding of local laws, multinational employers can help to achieve the “win-win” value proposition of BYOD for both employer and employees.

  • Fringe benefits

    The volume and various storage locations of information mean there is often no better way to cut litigation costs than to invest in an e-discovery software offering, and the market has surged to meet that need.

  • Language challenges with discovery in Asia

    The ideographic nature of the languages of China, Korea and Japan poses a host of challenges to businesses and law firms doing business in these nations.

  • 5 critical things to consider when implementing an e-discovery strategy

    Discovery and the legal hold process were once simply an inevitable component of the litigation process, but the advent of digitally stored information and the proliferation of communications on multiple networked platforms have made the hold process and e-discovery infinitely more complicated than ever. For large and frequently litigious organizations,...

  • Analysis paralysis

    Given how much of the information produced in our world exists as electronic data, it's not surprising the speed with which e-discovery tools have become a staple of legal operation.

  • Inside improvements: Innovation isn't always about technology

    Operations management specialists at technology icons Google and Intel discuss the challenges they’ve encountered, the solutions they’ve implemented and their advice to smaller operations hoping to fulfill their unique needs.

  • Lex Machina uses big data, legal analytics tools to help IP attorneys

    After spinning off the business from Stanford, the newly formed Lex Machina kept its social mission – providing free services for academics, judges and the federal government – while proving use cases for both law firms and in-house attorneys.

  • Inside Experts: The top 10 2012 e-discovery trends

    Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” While this is certainly true, it seems like the days are coming more quickly now than ever, particularly with the way technology is impacting the practice of law. Unlike the...

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