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  • Analysis paralysis

    Given how much of the information produced in our world exists as electronic data, it's not surprising the speed with which e-discovery tools have become a staple of legal operation.

  • Treasury Secretary Lew weighs in on tax inversion

    Recently, cross-border deals, including Burger King’s buyout of Tim Hortons and its subsequent plans to move its operational headquarters to Canada, have prompted more discussion on the use of “tax inversions” and on Monday Sept. 8, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew weighed in on the topic.

  • Employers beware: Avoiding Affordable Care Act can lead to litigation claims

    Businesses implementing or trying to avoid being covered by the ACA could wind up exposing themselves to new litigation claims under the ACA and other related federal and state laws.

  • More law firms may end up like Dewey, Forbes says

    When it comes to Dewey & LeBoeuf, we’ve been like gawkers driving slowly past a car crash, our morbid fascination at times overwhelming the tragedy of the long-established firm’s slow and painful demise.

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