• The threat within: Keeping malicious insiders from compromising corporate assets

    Has your company taken steps to address insider threats to your valuable information and assets? A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report on managing insider threats found that 51 percent of companies surveyed do not have a plan to deal with insider thefts and few conduct full-scope monitoring. This approach comes at a...

  • The state of patent trolls in 2015

    When it comes to smothering inventions, no one does it better than patent trolls, also known as “patent assertion entities,” “non-practicing entities,” or “non-manufacturing entities.” Whatever the name, these parasites feed off the work of legitimate manufacturing companies that strive to create products and American jobs.

  • Incentives for outside counsel to embrace dispute resolution options

    By embracing dispute resolution options other than litigation, outside counsel can position themselves optimally as a long-term partner of their clients in building a dispute management strategy.

  • Turning risk to advantage

    The 15th annual SuperConference kicked off in Chicago this week with the Global Lawyer Forum, a day dedicated to thought leaders discussing matters relevant to multinational corporate counsel.

  • Forgotten secrets

    All you have to do is ask Coca-Cola how the company's strategy of protecting its secret formula has gone, and you’ll see the potential value of a trade secret is almost limitless.

  • The employees’ cyber shield

    While there are similarities when it comes to protecting consumer and employee information, knowing some key differences can help in-house counsel institute preventive measures and limit damaging litigation if disaster does strike.

  • Locking the back door

    If companies truly want to keep their data safe in today's world, legal departments need to realize that cybersecurity risk isn't a simple product of defending the company's own borders.

  • Directors less comfortable with today’s risk landscape

    Topping directors’ concerns are the new disclosures on CEO/median employee pay ratio and shareholder proposals for proxy access

  • The 5 step plan to surviving governmental regulations

    As PricewaterhouseCoopers partner Kristin Rivera noted, if your company is in an industry that deals heavily with governmental regulators, an investigation is inevitably down the road.

  • The global anti-corruption game is changing

    “It used to be just an FCPA game, but the marketplace has changed,” Senn says. “Firms used to have anti-FCPA groups, but now it’s global anti-corruption that people focus on.”

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