National Football League

  • NCAA denies claims in concussion lawsuits from former football players

    The concussion epidemic in sports seems to be growing in coverage and prominence with every passing day. Head-injury awareness is at a fever pitch now with athletes consistently being carted off fields and relegated to benches and sidelines, and with this new collective concussion consciousness, so too have come a...

  • SEC tackles former NFL player in fraud case

    Anyone familiar with the Super Bowl Shuffle knows that former Chicago Bear’s wide receiver Willie Gault can certainly bust a move. But the ex-National Football League (NFL) player’s enviable dance moves and rapping abilities won’t save him from the wrath of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which yesterday named...

  • Inside Experts: 10 pieces of advice from a seasoned in-house lawyer

    My career has not followed the well-trodden path of many lawyers who have gone from law school to law firm to in-house.

  • NBA players consolidate lawsuits

    Some of the hardwood’s biggest stars have shifted their high-flying act from the basketball court to a court of law. After filing a pair of antitrust lawsuits against the National Basketball Association (NBA) in separate states, NBA players decided to double-team the owners by consolidating their suits, and picking Minnesota...

  • Former NFL players sue players union

    Although the NFL's lockout officially ended in July when the owners and players agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement, the league can’t seem to escape litigation.

  • Football fiasco possibly on Texas horizon

    It’s been a rough year for football in a legal sense. Not only did the pros muck it up in court rooms for months in a protracted labor dispute, but shortly thereafter, former National Football League players tackled the league over not taking proper steps to protect players from concussions....

  • NBA nails players with unfair labor charge

    Taking a page from the National Football League and its protracted labor dispute with its players’ union, the National Basketball Association today decided to step up and take control of the headlines recently devoted to endless professional sports drama.

  • Game on for the NFL

    It’s been a long time coming, but the National Football League finally quelled nearly five months of labor discord and agreed to a 10-year deal.

  • Kim Kardashian slaps Old Navy with celebrity look-alike suit

    Oh, the pitfalls of celebrity… Socialite, reality TV star, businesswoman, etc. Kim Kardashian is keeping the presses printing lately, but this time thanks to a lawsuit against retailer Old Navy and its parent company, Gap Inc.

  • More hard knocks for NFL

    With football fans likely frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the National Football League finally settling its lockout in the next few days, a second labor issue has reared its woozy head.

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