National Football League

  • NFL bounty programs could land teams in court

    It’s no secret that football is a violent sport that can result in some serious injuries, but four National Football League (NFL) teams may have crossed a legal line by putting secret bounties on opposing players, including quarterbacks Brett Favre and Kurt Warner.

  • Chrysler Super Bowl ad mistakenly yanked from YouTube

    Chrysler hoped that its “Halftime in America” commercial, featuring an inspirational voice-over from Clint Eastwood, would help America “unite one post at a time.” But its lofty ambitions were thwarted when the ad disappeared from YouTube shortly after the game, supposedly owing to a copyright claim filed by the National...

  • Days before Super Bowl, ICE seizes websites that illegally stream sporting events

    He may be a National Football League (NFL) quarterback on his way to the Super Bowl this Sunday, but he also has dabbled in crime.

  • In-house career changes

  • Federal panel ponders merging NFL player concussion lawsuits

    While it may not put much of a damper on the furor that’s about to erupt in Indianapolis next week, the National Football League (NFL) has a serious problem on its hands that is likely to get worse before it gets better.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars name new GC

    Not even a week after becoming owner of the National Football League’s Jacksonville Jaguars franchise, Shahid Khan is making changes both behind the scenes on the sidelines.

  • NCAA denies claims in concussion lawsuits from former football players

    The concussion epidemic in sports seems to be growing in coverage and prominence with every passing day. Head-injury awareness is at a fever pitch now with athletes consistently being carted off fields and relegated to benches and sidelines, and with this new collective concussion consciousness, so too have come a...

  • SEC tackles former NFL player in fraud case

    Anyone familiar with the Super Bowl Shuffle knows that former Chicago Bear’s wide receiver Willie Gault can certainly bust a move. But the ex-National Football League (NFL) player’s enviable dance moves and rapping abilities won’t save him from the wrath of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which yesterday named...

  • Inside Experts: 10 pieces of advice from a seasoned in-house lawyer

    My career has not followed the well-trodden path of many lawyers who have gone from law school to law firm to in-house.

  • NBA players consolidate lawsuits

    Some of the hardwood’s biggest stars have shifted their high-flying act from the basketball court to a court of law. After filing a pair of antitrust lawsuits against the National Basketball Association (NBA) in separate states, NBA players decided to double-team the owners by consolidating their suits, and picking Minnesota...

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