National Basketball Players Association

  • Reviewing 6 of November's top stories

    Updates on InsideCounsel's biggest stories this month

  • NBA reaches tentative agreement with its players

    While the rest of the country was out shopping for Black Friday, or lounging on the couch in a post-turkey coma, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and its players were stuck in a negotiating session, trying to resolve the NBA’s long-running labor dispute.

  • NBA players consolidate lawsuits

    Some of the hardwood’s biggest stars have shifted their high-flying act from the basketball court to a court of law. After filing a pair of antitrust lawsuits against the National Basketball Association (NBA) in separate states, NBA players decided to double-team the owners by consolidating their suits, and picking Minnesota...

  • NBA players dissolve union, plan antitrust lawsuit

    After months of bargaining, the NBA players and the league have returned to square one, jeopardizing the remainder of the 2011-2012 season.

  • NBA nails players with unfair labor charge

    Taking a page from the National Football League and its protracted labor dispute with its players’ union, the National Basketball Association today decided to step up and take control of the headlines recently devoted to endless professional sports drama.

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