Motorola Solutions Inc.

  • Global M&A 101

    Over the past 18 months, merger and acquisition transactions have returned full-force, particularly for U.S. businesses. However, it's not just U.S. businesses that are acquisition targets, as cross-border M&A has risen to staggering heights recently.

  • In-house career changes

  • 8 noteworthy in-house career moves

    Charting some of the most recent GC and in-house appointments

  • Beware the gathering storms

    Cloud computing—once a cutting-edge trend among high-tech startups—is transforming the way corporations nationwide are doing business. Virtually every company has data in the cloud, whether it knows it or not.

  • Ex-Motorola employee gets four years for trade-secret theft

    About seven months ago, a Chicago judge found that a former Motorola Solutions Inc. employee was guilty of stealing trade secrets from the company and trying to flee to China. Yesterday, the judge sentenced that rogue employee to four years in prison.

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