media scrutiny

  • Crisis in the C-suite

    With the recurring breakdown of corporate governance “checks and balances” and the decline in the public’s trust of traditional modes of corporate governance, heightened scrutiny of corporations has become the new normal in corporate America.

  • Mitigating the media risks of public litigation

    Efforts to rectify mistakes will seldom gain you the same level of exposure as the actual misdeed, which means a media strategy is essential to mitigating the effects of a very public court battle.

  • Technology: 5 Things to know now about the FTC and data security

    August 2013 saw two significant developments in the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) ongoing efforts to make companies responsible for protecting the privacy and security of consumer data.

  • Litigation: Lights, action, interview

    Gathering information, particularly from witnesses, can be an elaborate production. Often the casting and the setting dictate the success of the endeavor; other times mood and tempo drive the outcome. As the investigator, it is incumbent upon you to carefully consider the known personal characteristics and temperament of the witness...

  • New details arise in News Corp. phone-hacking scandal

    Just when News Corp. may have thought the spotlight had dimmed somewhat on its well-publicized phone-hacking scandal, new testimony and media scrutiny have managed to pull them back in.

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