• Super Bowl XLIX: The In-House Counsel Battle

    Mark Roellig of MassMutual and David Heiner of Microsoft examine the quarterbacks’ legal acumen, working for GCs Carroll and Belichick, and more in InsideCounsel's Super Bowl preview!

  • SEC ratings case leads to payments by S&P

    “The takeaway for GCs [general counsels] is the increasing focus by the SEC on injunctive – and perhaps even market-changing – relief such as extracting from defendants admissions of culpability, retractions of prior statements, and agreements to exit key markets,” according to attorney Beth Boland.

  • Obama administration announces federal paid leave initiative

    Obama will call on Congress to pass mandatory seven days of paid sick leave and will take executive action to provide federal employees with family leave after birth or adoption of a child.

  • The ins and outs of amicus briefing: The increasing influence of amicus briefs

    The rise in the number of amicus briefs, and their importance to the highest courts’ consideration of a case on the merits, heightens the importance of parties obtaining solid amicus support for their petition and merits briefing.

  • The employees’ cyber shield

    While there are similarities when it comes to protecting consumer and employee information, knowing some key differences can help in-house counsel institute preventive measures and limit damaging litigation if disaster does strike.

  • Labor & Employment Digest: January 2015

    Perhaps no other subject represents a more treacherous legal obstacle course than the use and protection of private employee information. Federal and state regulatory bodies are not only taking an aggressive stance on breaches of customer data, but also the misuse of employee or candidate data by employers.

  • Gender diversity leads to more work, less fun

    The study, conducted by researchers at The George Washington University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology indicates that gender diversity leads to higher revenue but lower job satisfaction.

  • IP and the ITC

    Recently, the International Trade Commission (ITC) has become a popular venue for IP disputes, including a clash between Apple and Samsung that ended up going as far as involving the White House.

  • Sick leave law: The view from Wisconsin and Arizona

    The patchwork of laws both on a state and local level presents real challenges to businesses and may be a precursor to future local level efforts to create new areas of employee rights and potential causes of action.

  • 12 noteworthy in-house career moves

    Charting a dozen of the most recent GC and in-house appointments that in-house counsel need to know

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