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  • On law department responsibility (Part 2)

    Our last column called for structured dialogue between law departments and law firms. We recommended an ongoing conversation about identifiable improvements in how legal services are delivered. With people and pricing in place, process will drive continuous improvement. Collaboration can deepen relationships between law departments and law firms. Better legal...

  • Scare them, scare yourself

    I have a terrific work commute. Most people can't say that, especially in the New York metro area, where a lot of my colleagues battle with suburban train delays and subway reroutings. But I get to take a ferry, which gives me nice views of the harbor, as well as...

  • On law department responsibility (Part 1)

    It is a buyer's market for legal services. Yet, there remain many glaring deficits in the delivery of legal services that we have not remedied. To address these faults, we need to incent outside counsel to work differently, set clear expectations for what we want, and work collaboratively to ensure...

  • 3 key steps to navigating legal department politics

    Awareness, analysis and action are the three key steps to navigating legal department politics, ensuring departments continue on the optimal path to success.

  • Curated wisdom

    Knowledge management a term that people use quite often, but they sometimes use it interchangeably with “document management” or “records management,” and the truth is, it's a lot more than that.

  • Regulatory counsel give an FCPA update

    The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has received greater attention in the past few years, as government regulators have scrutinized companies for violations and levied harsh penalties.

  • Technology drives transformation in the legal department

    How can in-house lawyers use technology to drive transformation in their legal department? A panel at SuperConference 2015 strove to answer that question.

  • Innovation in the law department

    The first day of SuperConference 2015 featured a keynote session entitled “Innovation within the Law Department: The Law Department of the Future.”

  • Hugh Welsh: President, GC and seeker of generalists (Part 1)

    In addition to his unusual title, Welsh also has unusual views on managing his own legal team and dealing with outside attorneys.

  • Operational empowerment

    Nowadays, with law departments being asked to do more with less, general counsel are focusing on initiatives such as analytics and spend management to drive efficiency.

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