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  • Entertaining the thought

    "I don't want to be the lawyer that all the legal problems come to. I want to be the lawyer that finds a way to make Viacom succeed. If you can't see the goals, you don't know what you fit into.”

  • Self-service legal: Give the people what they want

    The business people in your company have a disdain for the expense and inefficiency of calling the law department for every little thing and so should you.

  • Ins and outs of international IP

    The two spoke about the strategies their companies use in dealing with international IP.

  • Becoming the ultimate wingman: Aligning your law department with the corporate mission (Part 1)

    Remember, when it comes to determining if your legal department “has the right number of people, in the right areas, doing the right things”, the first step is to determine the strategic goals and objectives of your company and its clients and partners.

  • Managing the cost of doing legal business

    While there is always a certain amount of trial-and-error involved in legal budgeting, it is important routinely to spend the time and effort necessary to perform this task effectively.

  • Inside counsel explore the benefits and challenges of a matter management system

    Steven M. Greenspan of United Technologies Corporation and Frank Orzo of Mitratech Holdings, Inc. break down the usefulness of a matter management system.

  • Transforming leadership

    Encouraging diversity within a legal team is often not as simple as an assemblage of policies aimed at promoting tolerance in the workplace; it requires vision and strong leadership to bring out the true potential in any team member.

  • Global guru

    To better meet the company's increasingly complex legal needs, P&G's legal department has pioneered talent development and business process engineering projects aimed to allow for more holistic legal strategies.

  • Survival of the efficient

    The ability to handle the selection of technology, management of processes, efficiencies, training and outside counsel has become key to the success of law departments. Increasingly, that has meant hiring a dedicated legal department operations (LDO) executive.

  • Self-service legal: Give the people what they want

    Why not give the people what they want? By leveraging today's technology, some companies allow businesspeople to write their own contracts and other documents with no intervention from the law department. The trend is called “self-service legal.”

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