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  • Intellectual property law jobs on the rise

    With the ongoing patent wars between hi-tech companies, the emphasis on IP and patents has never been greater, and businesses are realizing the value of strong IP lawyers.

  • Patent litigation has growing impact on bottom line

    Companies’ patent litigation costs continue to rise, and the number of patent suits filed each year continues to grow, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) annual study on patent litigation, which suggests such litigation will play an increasingly important role in shaping companies’ bottom lines.

  • Lawsuit with Motorola causes Microsoft to move out of Germany

    Microsoft is heading for the hills, fleeing Germany for fear of what an upcoming court ruling may do to its business.

  • 7 major tech companies accused in anti-poaching lawsuit

    Breaking news: Someone is suing Apple and Google! This time, however, a few other companies are in the mix. Reports surfaced yesterday that a civil lawsuit against a number of large technology companies over anti-poaching allegations will move forward, although according to a federal judge, the suit may be broken...

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