Joff Mitchell

  • Dewey’s $71 million clawback settlement wins court approval

    A U.S. bankruptcy judge approved a $71.5 million settlement between former Dewey & LeBoeuf partners and the bankrupt law firm’s estate on Tuesday.

  • Dewey trustee objects to proposed $165,000 bonus

    Just when you thought Dewey & Leboeuf’s bankruptcy couldn’t get any more contentious, the U.S. bankruptcy trustee in charge of the case objected Thursday to a plan that would reward the estate’s director of finance, Frank Canellas, with a $165,000 bonus.

  • Former Dewey partners attack proposed clawback settlement in court

    An attorney representing a group of former Dewey & LeBoeuf partners argued against a proposed clawback settlement with the defunct firm in a hearing Thursday, questioning members of Dewey’s wind-down team about their alleged interests in the deal.

  • Dewey & LeBoeuf offers new settlement to ex-partners

    As promised, Dewey & LeBoeuf presented a revised clawback settlement to its ex-partners Thursday, after an initial proposal met with sharp criticism from some former employees.

  • Dewey finally files for bankruptcy

    After nearly five full months of taking blow after blow, apparently it was time to throw in the towel. Reeling New York law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf finally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last night in Manhattan federal bankruptcy court.

  • Dewey prepares for bankruptcy

    It appears as though Dewey & LeBoeuf’s hiring of bankruptcy counsel Albert Togut in April really was foreshadowing for a final filing. Despite many assertions to the contrary by firm leadership, of which all save for one already has jumped ship, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the New...

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