high-tech industries

  • Igniting innovation in utilizing patent assets

    Whether a company deals in food, healthcare, electronics or computers, intellectual property plays a key role, drawing together a multitude of experts from across the business.

  • Is antitrust analysis different for high-tech industries?

    Although the antitrust laws are designed to protect competition and innovation often enhances a company’s competitiveness, high-tech companies sometimes engage in conduct that stifles competition or misuses market power.

  • Qualcomm acquires IP from HP

    The portfolio, which consists of intellectual property related to mobile operating systems, contains approximately 2,400 patents. It features approximately 1,000 patents granted and pending in foreign countries – such as China, Japan, Korea, Germany and the U.K. -- and 1,4000 granted and pending patents in the U.S.

  • Marketplace realities get lost in class certification “shortcut”

    Historically, certification of a purchaser class has relied on a demonstration that class members were exposed to, relied on and were directly harmed by the alleged fraud or misrepresentation. Over time, however, approaches to class certification have evolved.

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