• Congo’s online platform is changing the way we connect with lawyers

    Emerging business Congo is creating the first online free market solution for the legal industry. By fusing accessibility with a user-friendly interface and Colorado’s top defense and business attorneys, Congo is taking making the legal process easier and safer. In fact, the company is preparing to launch its new platform...

  • After 'I do': Prognosticating the future of LGBT issues in the workplace

    There is no better way to close this six-part series on LGBT workplace issues than for me to don my Carnac the Magnificent garb and divine the future for employers. Imagine that I hold in my hand the following three hermetically sealed envelopes – the contents of which nobody knows....

  • 10 must-have apps for attorneys for 2015

    What would today’s attorneys do without their smartphones? The legal profession has become increasingly fast-paced and mobile, and lawyers are now almost completely dependent on portable computing devices for communication, research and other functions. In fact, attorneys could be doing much more with their phones, but it has become almost...

  • The world we live in: The admissibility of Google Maps GPS evidence

    We are drowning in digital information, and it has overwhelmed our legal process to the point where the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are being amended to address the strain that electronically stored information (ESI) has placed on litigation. However, the focus of rulemaking, cases, and commentary has been mainly...

  • Google launches Patent Starter Program

    The tech giant is not sitting still in regards to patents, as it has recently soft-launched a new program, the Patent Starter Program (PSP).

  • Google sees success with Patent Purchase Promotion

    “This reflects the streamlined nature of the program, with its short, tight window for diligence,” he says. “We were not targeting million-dollar assets on truncated diligence.”

  • Ready to rise

    In the summer of 2013, InsideCounsel debuted the first R3-100 list, honoring 100 women who have the potential to become general counsel of a Fortune 500 company within three years. That list was an outgrowth of existing initiatives, including the Women, Influence & Power in Law (WIPL) network. The WIPL...

  • PPP vs. NPE

    Google is no stranger to patent litigation. In fact, according to the RPX Corporation, in 2013, Google faced the second-highest number of patent lawsuits brought by non-practicing entities (NPEs), known by many—including Google—as patent trolls.

  • What does cancelation of Redskins’ trademark registration mean for other companies?

    “Any company that employs trademarks based on terms or images that have a perceived historic connection to discrimination would be wise to evaluate their branding strategy …” attorney Howard S. Hogan said.

  • Wearing your technology on your sleeve: Six key legal considerations for successfully launching a mobile health app or wearable product

    Given the potential health benefits claimed along with the inherently sensitive information that these products collect, certain legal considerations are key for a successful product launch and maintaining consumer trust over the life of the product – and hopefully through the next generation launch as well.

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