Federal Trade Commission

  • Patent troll sues eBay for asking USTPO for patent re-exam

    USTPO evaluated eBay's application and determined that they raised "substantial new question of patentability affecting any claim of the patent”

  • Cybersecurity risk a concern for everyone

    “The biggest concern for companies, their boards and senior executives, is that being the victim of a cybersecurity event will make headlines for months or years.”

  • Transforming leadership

    Encouraging diversity within a legal team is often not as simple as an assemblage of policies aimed at promoting tolerance in the workplace; it requires vision and strong leadership to bring out the true potential in any team member.

  • Global guru

    To better meet the company's increasingly complex legal needs, P&G's legal department has pioneered talent development and business process engineering projects aimed to allow for more holistic legal strategies.

  • Breaking boundaries

    Talent development,” “thought leader,” “Big Data,” “law department operations”— these are just a handful of buzzwords that have bounced around the industry this past decade. Here's a potential new one for you: “borderless.”

  • State attorneys general must work with citizens, regulators to benefit communities

    Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto knows that her state faces a number of challenges that must be faced head on.

  • Board involvement in cybersecurity risk management: How much oversight is enough?

    Boards cannot completely eliminate cybersecurity and privacy risk, but they can play an important role in managing such risk in ways that reduce the likelihood or extent of liability after a data breach or other incident.

  • Patent troll MPHJ suffers setback

    But on August 11, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled against MPHJ, stating that the case did not hinge on the validity of the troll’s patents, and therefore the Federal Circuit did not have jurisdiction in this matter.

  • Parsing the laws that regulate franchising

    There is little uniformity in these laws, which means that a patchwork of laws may need to be evaluated in connection with one transaction.

  • FTC roundup

    Here, are the top four consumer protection issues that are top-of-mind at the FTC and what inside counsel need to know about them.

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