Environmental Protection Agency

  • Maureen Gorsen, Alston & Bird

    Gorsen is a partner with Alston & Bird’s Environmental and Land Use practice and provides public policy, litigation and regulatory advocacy and counsel to a range of manufacturers, brand owners, industrial facilities and landowners.

  • Tesla Motors opens up patent portfolio

    On June 12, the company announced that it will stop enforcing the patents it holds, starting an open-source inspired program aimed at catalyzing the electric car movement.

  • Proposed EPA greenhouse gas rule may still change

    “In order for this country to be able to achieve the ambitious and aggressive target of 30 percent GHG reduction set forth in the proposed rule, EPA and the states will have to broadly interpret statutory and regulatory language prescribing the components of a performance standard,” Venable’s Bicky...

  • EPA releases new carbon emission standards

    On June 2, the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a draft proposal intended to aggressively tackle carbon emissions leading up to 2030. The draft rules hope to reduce power plant emissions by 30 percent from the levels recorded in 2005, and are among the most potent legislative action the United States...

  • Considering comfort letters and prospective purchasers’ agreements

    No one should be satisfied that the new owner simply qualifies as an owner exempt from statutory environmental cleanup liability simply because the contamination was pre-existing.

  • Labor and Employment Digest: January 2014

    In labor and employment law, the voices of law firms inject the kind of color, insight and expertise that provide inside counsel and other legal professionals with a cornerstone of true understanding.

  • Compliance: New regulations for old boilers

    Examining the new requirements for area source boilers, and why many schools, hospitals and small companies may need to submit EPA paperwork almost immediately.

  • EPA loses legal battle over Navistar’s EGR engine

    The Environmental Protection Agency lost a legal battle last week when a federal appeals court agreed with several long-haul truck manufactures that the agency shouldn’t have let Navistar sell certain engines.

  • Compliance: Supreme Court consideration of greenhouse gas decision a mixed bag

    At stake right now is the EPA’s current requirement that stationary sources emitting large amounts of GHGs obtain pre-construction permits to install BACT controls when modifying existing sources.

  • EPA releases new carbon emissions limits

    New regulation requires that new large natural gas power plants would be limited to producing of 1,000 pounds of CO2 per megawatt-hour, while new coal power plants would need to limit CO2 production to 1100 pounds megawatt-hour.

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