Du Pont

  • Slerring yer werds? Too much Brewnette fer yer

    The owners of the restaurant chain Twin Peaks sought to register the mark Knotty Brunette for beer, ale and lager, but the USPTO’s examiner refused to register it, judging it confusingly similar to B.J's Restaurants, Inc.'s registered mark Nutty Brewnette for beer.

  • Time runs out on Omega

    In Omega S.A. v. Alliant Techsystems, Inc., Opposition Nos. 91173785 and 91174067 (April 29, 2015) [not precedential], the Board dismissed watchmaker Omega S.A.’s oppositions to Alliant Techsystems’ application to register a stylized version of Omega and Omega Elite, both with the initial Greek letter Ω as opposed to the Roman...

  • Don't take THIS name in vain

    It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But vanity flatters no one. Certainly that's so in an interesting trademark spat that pitted music-loving fans on one hand and a maker of intimate and bedroom apparel on the other.

  • Attorneys general, general counsel hold frank discussion on patent trolls, Part 1

    As we have covered here on InsideCounsel, concerns about the behaviors of certain non-practicing entities (NPEs) have sparked action by both state attorneys general and general counsel.

  • Tech giants fight patent reform

    The letter addressed the proposed expansion of the patent-review program in place at the USPTO, claiming that it would hurt American innovation and harm America’s competitive advantage.

  • President Obama pushes Congress to pass anti-patent troll bill

    President Barack Obama has called for Congress to pass legislation aimed at reining in what many companies complain are “frivolous” patent infringement lawsuits. The President announced a blueprint for reducing the number of lawsuits in June and reiterated support for the effort in his State of the Union Address

  • Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley looks to slay patent trolls

    State consumer protection laws prohibit false, misleading, deceptive, and unfair statements in commerce. When a patent troll sends a letter to a small company, non-profit, start-up, or even a well-established company that asserts claims to property that the troll knows to be false, or threatens legal action that the...

  • Motorola patent suit brings light to corruption in patent system

    Intellectual Ventures may be going after a well-known name like Motorola, but should the private entity be referred to as a patent troll?

  • Google faces Intellectual Ventures in patent trial

    This week Intellectual Ventures is set to face Google Inc.'s Motorola Mobility unit in the first trial that the multibillion-dollar patent-buying firm has undertaken.

  • Top U.S. patent troll sues the government for interfering with its business

    One of the most well-known patent trolls in the United States and some would say the most innovative MPHJ Technology has recently filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, claiming that the agency’s interference with its business are in violation of its constitutional rights.

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