David Cambria

  • The art and science of law

    As Reese Arrowsmith, head of legal operations at Lincoln Financial Group, said in a discussion, “Lawyers still think of law as an art, not a science.” He implied that that was a bad thing. But like everything at work (and maybe in life), it's both.

  • Innovation in the law department

    The first day of SuperConference 2015 featured a keynote session entitled “Innovation within the Law Department: The Law Department of the Future.”

  • Operational empowerment

    Nowadays, with law departments being asked to do more with less, general counsel are focusing on initiatives such as analytics and spend management to drive efficiency.

  • The 2014 IC10: The law departments of the future

    If progress is humanity's ability to complicate simplicity, then innovation is its ability to turn complication into usable information and tools. Or to use one of the most tired phrases in the business space, to “do more with less.”

  • Need benchmarking? Take the 2014 LDO survey

    Now in its seventh year, it is the only survey dedicated to benchmarking the operations of legal departments in areas including staffing, technology, e-discovery, cost management, metrics/reporting, and relationships with outside counsel.

  • Predictive coding: It's not just for discovery anymore

    Predictive coding can be extremely useful and powerful in a discovery context by dramatically reducing the size of review sets. But the tools can be used in many other ways, and law departments would be wise to start considering them.

  • Bottom line remains top of mind

    Five years after the beginning of the financial crisis, the bottom line remains top of mind for legal department operations managers and their teams

  • Delivering strategic value through legal operations

    Until recently, legal departments haven’t had a specific role or individuals with the expertise to help general counsel deliver strategic value. Enter the Legal Operations Executive.

  • SuperConference 2013: How to effectively use technology to manage law departments

    On the first day of InsideCounsel’s SuperConference, experts provided strategies for effectively deploying technology within legal departments, on a panel called “Using Technology To Enhance Law Department Management”

  • Above and Beyond

    An Expanded Job Description Has Many Law Department Operations Managers Providing Input, Expertise Organization-Wide, Latest Survey Finds

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