cloud computing

  • How to deal with data stuck in the cloud

    Companies are increasingly embracing cloud computing, storing their email, files and other electronic information in a cloud storage service provider’s data center accessible via the Internet.

  • E-discovery: Reduce e-discovery costs and risks with project management

    While technology may be seen as the panacea, it’s really the last thing companies should consider when facing e-discovery challenges

  • IP: Is SOPA really that bad?

    Two weeks ago we experienced a moment of Internet history. On Jan. 18, dubbed “Blackout Day,” Internet giants such as Google, Reddit and Wikipedia acted in protest in an attempt to show how overreaching the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) are by censoring themselves...

  • The top 5 e-discovery trends for 2012

    When it comes to e-discovery best practices, if your organization is standing still, you are losing ground.

  • E-discovery: Mind your P’s and Q’s

    As companies prepare for 2012 and CIOs think of ways to use technology and avoid e-discovery issues and problems, following the mantra “mind your P’s and Q’s”—proactive, preservation, process, proportionality and questions— can yield significant benefits.

  • Technology: Best practices in managing innovation and IP for tech companies

    In the first article, we examined the impact of innovation and intellectual property strategies. In this article, we summarize the major issues in developing and implementing an intellectual property strategy. Startup and emerging technology companies in particular should have a clear innovation and intellectual property strategy in place—and these strategies...

  • Inside Experts: The top 10 2012 e-discovery trends

    Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” While this is certainly true, it seems like the days are coming more quickly now than ever, particularly with the way technology is impacting the practice of law. Unlike the...

  • Clearing away cloud computing confusion

    How cloud computing can benefit your legal department

  • A 9-point checklist for storing data in the cloud

    Cloud computing has significant information governance ramifications companies should consider before moving data to the cloud.

  • Time for a change?

    Six years after the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were first amended to address electronic discovery, another round of amendments is now under consideration. Questions regarding contentious, complex and multifaceted issues such as the duty to preserve, Rule 37 sanctions and technology’s role are among the primary challenges up...

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