Circuit court

  • Amazon security screening case goes up for arguments this week

    In an upcoming session on Oct 9, Inc. employees will offer their opinions to the Supreme Court, as they argue that they should have been paid for the time they spent in security screenings.

  • Update: Holmes estate must pay up

    Now the U.S. Court of Appeal has ruled that the Doyle estate must pay Klinger over $30,000 to reimburse “disreputable” fees that it had charged.

  • Roundup: Intellectual Property

    In recent IP news, there has been trouble for singer Katy Perry as well as the NFL’s Washington Redskins. While Perry is being sued for copyright infringement, the Redskins’s trademark has been cancelled. Meanwhile, a new bill in the House of Representatives is trying to limit the amount of abusive...

  • Red sole diaries

    Recently, Louboutin accused a Dutch retail store, Van Dalen Footwear, of infringing on its registered trademark of the red-soles shoes. But Van Dalen filed a counterclaim and Louboutin lost its trademark in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

  • SCOTUS prints clear battle lines for false advertising claims

    I think I can speak for my colleagues who are litigators when I say, “Print this in bold, black ink: We'll take clarity over forum-shopping, any day of the week.”

  • Litigation: Just how enforceable are forum-selection clauses?

    Forum-selection clauses are found in virtually every contract these days, yet very few attorneys put much thought into how they should be drafted. Most of us simply cut and paste the clause from another contract form and assume it will do the job.

  • E-Discovery Judicial Roundtable

    At the 2011 InsideCounsel SuperConference, a distinguished panel of judges engaged in a spirited roundtable discussion of e-discovery issues. This rare view of how judges see the costly and time-consuming process of e-discovery and their suggested solutions was moderated by Patrick Oot, special counsel, electronic discovery, for the Securities &...

  • Labor: Hope exists for employers defending wage and hour claims

    In October 2010, the American Bar Association estimated that cases filed in federal court alleging a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act would increase by more than 13 percent over 2009. In certain regions of the country, including New York and Florida, the increase has been even more staggering....

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