candy maker

  • EU judge rules that Kit Kat shape cannot be trademarked

    The advocate general of the European court of justice, a body that often sets the tone for EU courts, sided with Cadbury, noting that Nestlé’s attempt to register a trademark on the shape of the Kit Kat bar does not comply with UK laws.

  • Philip Morris wraps up former Kraft GC

    Fortunately he’s over the age of 18 because most parents would be concerned if their son just traded in his bag of Chips Ahoy! for a pack of Marlboros. Just days after resigning from Kraft Foods Inc., Marc Firestone immediately resurfaced at his previous employer, Philip Morris International (PMI).

  • Tootsie Roll goes after shoemaker

    Tootsie Roll Industries, maker of the popular Tootsie Roll lollipops and bite-size candy, has filed suit against shoemaker Rollashoe over its Footzyrolls, a brand of shoes that roll up and can be stored in a compact pouch.

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