Bank of America

  • 20 top news stories of 2011

    A slideshow of the events, people and stories that affected the in-house bar this year.

  • Citigroup settlement with SEC rejected

    A federal judge challenged a decades-old practice of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Monday, by rejecting a $285 million settlement between the SEC and Citigroup.

  • 7 banks targeted over MF Global collapse

    Ripples from the collapse of MF Global are reaching the courtroom, as investors begin the effort to recover their money. A pair of pension funds filed a lawsuit Friday against seven banks that helped the futures brokerage sell bonds, claiming the bonds’ offering prospectuses hid significant problems.

  • 3 major U.S. banks sued for colluding on ATM fees

    It seems like it was only a matter of time before someone accused the banks, too. With a spate of lawsuits being filed in the last week on the suddenly hot topic of automated teller machines (ATM), a New Jersey man yesterday filed a suit against a number of banks, alleging...

  • BofA asks judge to toss AIG’s counsel from $10 billion case

    Life for Bank of America (BofA) continues to be a struggle. The latest drama is currently unfolding in a New York courtroom as the beleaguered bank spars with equally bedraggled American International Group Inc. (AIG) over a massive, $10 billion lawsuit.

  • Buffett says BofA needs time to clean itself up

    Warren Buffett spoke to the press today regarding much-maligned Bank of America (BofA), which has been on the receiving end of a litany of lawsuits, bad press and simply seems to have a black cloud firmly entrenched above its proverbial head.

  • BofA, lenders may face new slew of lawsuits

    “Now serving the next customer in line to sue Bank of America.” While not exactly what you expect to hear from the teller at your local Bank of America (BofA) branch, Bloomberg yesterday warned that the besieged bank is among a group of lenders that may face a new slew...

  • BofA to consider Countrywide bankruptcy

    The scent of blood is in the water. As the sharks continue to circle, Bank of America (BofA) reportedly is considering taking drastic steps to protect itself from the tsunami of lawsuits continually flooding the company in the wake of the Countrywide Financial Corp. takeover.

  • State prosecutors, U.S. banks in talks about lawsuits

    State prosecutors are offering a deal to U.S. banks that allegedly misrepresented mortgage securities sold during the housing bubble that will limit their liability in exchange for a multibillion-dollar payment.

  • U.S. filing suit against BofA, Chase, Goldman Sachs, others

    The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is filing lawsuits against large banks that allegedly misrepresented mortgage securities sold during the housing bubble.

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