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  • Cybersecurity faces roadblocks

    According to the report, better communication and information about cybersecurity, investment in skilled personnel and technologies, and adoption of security measures can reduce the risk of online threats.

  • Roundup: Technology

    In this week’s roundup, we take a look at the latest news in the intersection of technology and the law. Apple reaches a settlement in their lawsuit while Amazon is preparing to gear up for one. Dish goes to the FCC in hopes to deny a merger between Comcast and...

  • Apple reaches settlement with New York State AG over e-book pricing lawsuit

    The settlement is contingent on Apple’s appeal of a 2013 federal anti-trust hearing, which found the company had violated antitrust laws by working with publishers to inflate the price of e-books. If the ruling is appealed, Apple will still be responsible for a repayment of up to $50 million....

  • SEC suspends trading on surging Cynk Technology Corp. stock

    On July 10, Cynk traded at $21.95, a roughly 36,000 percent increase in under two months. Is Cynk the next big stock to jump on board? The SEC says not so fast.

  • Dish suggests FCC deny Comcast/TWC merger

    During multiple meetings with FCC members on July 7, Dish, the second largest satellite television provider in the US, discussed its plans to participate in upcoming spectrum band auctions, and aired concerns relating to the mergers.

  • Roundup: Intellectual Property

    In recent IP news, there has been trouble for singer Katy Perry as well as the NFL’s Washington Redskins. While Perry is being sued for copyright infringement, the Redskins’s trademark has been cancelled. Meanwhile, a new bill in the House of Representatives is trying to limit the amount of abusive...

  • March attack may have compromised databases in the Office of Personnel Management

    In March of this year, hackers gained access to a multiple databases maintained by the Office of Personnel Management. Authorities were eventually able to detect and block the breach, but have not revealed the volume of information compromised by the attack.

  • Roundup: Litigation

    Over the past few weeks, there has been significant news in the world of litigation. The Halliburton case has given corporate defendants more leverage to fight back class action lawsuits while the NFL has settled a case to remove a previous compensatory cap on damages for concussion-related issues for former...

  • Huron Legal’s kCREATE facilitates contract creation, makes legal a business ally

    Jeff Catanzaro managing director, of Huron Legal, has exceptional experience in the legal process outsourcing, but for this most recent project, which tasked him with leveraging technology to develop a more efficient the contract process, he sought to create a tool that could be used internally by an organization. The...

  • Verizon received more than 70,000 subpeonas for customer info in 2014 first half

    Congress may have enacted new measures to curb the NSA’s surveillance tactics, but the government still has one tried and true method to gain customer information: subpoenas.

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