value add

  • Closing the value gap

    Value add” is a phrase that every business generator hears these days. Whether a client is procuring legal services or a customer is procuring a new company-wide IT system, value add is part of the procurement process and more so part of the client retention process. What provides value is...

  • Demystifying the concept of ‘value add’

    Focusing on adding value makes things work a lot smoother, gives your firm a competitive advantage and gives the client a reason to send more opportunities your way.

  • The in-house lawyer’s value proposition (Part 1)

    It’s not immediately apparent to many in-house lawyers what the “competition” looks like. It is much less apparent why an in-house legal department should focus on beating it. The answer is that there are increasingly innovative choices on how legal services can be provided.

  • Value add: What it means and how to provide it

    To find out what's truly valued by clients, one must ask the client. And every individual with whom the firm has a relationship at any given organization may have a different answer.

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