Supply Chain

  • The strongest link

    Compliance departments exist, in part, to help manage risk and navigate the complex web of government regulations intended to keep companies operating in an above-board fashion. But sometimes, companies take action not solely based on risk, but because they are concerned about doing the right thing.

  • Apple Watch will present new risk challenges

    Apple is also a company that has been bruised by supply chain problems, including labor and employment problems in its Foxconn manufacturing plant. So how will this new device change Apple’s risk profile?

  • Child labor probe in cocoa supply chain

    Chocolate companies have recently faced the bitter aftertaste of government scrutiny, as Nestle, ADM and Cargill have been targeted in an investigation of child labor in Cote D’Ivoire.

  • 4 compliance stories you need to know right now

    Check out the slides for summaries of the biggest compliance stories of the past few weeks, and click on the links for more information!

  • icix making strides in risk management of global supply chains

    icix, global supply chain risk company, announced the launch of its new automated cloud-based application, Direct Test.

  • Samsung finds child labor in supply chain

    The South Korean electronics giant has learned of allegations that one of its Chinese suppliers uses child labor.

  • Viewing IP as a supply chain

    Companies that review, assess and optimize at their entire IP supply chain can gain significant competitive advantage and enhance corporate value because they can put into place action plans to address any delays or inefficiencies found in their current process.

  • List released of 100 top supply chain projects

    Big Data has most recently come to impact the supply chain as more points of data become available and supply chain managers use big data analytics to better pin the pain points of the supply chain. Digital analysis is just one of the ways in which the supply chain is...

  • Foxconn’s compensation debate highlights Taiwan’s wage problems

    Foxconn has been in the international spotlight for a few notorious reasons — one being its rash of employee suicides over the last couple of years. Its association with Apple device manufacturing has put it front and center in the human rights arena. But a recent debacle dubbed the “Liang...

  • The state of supply chain in 2014

    Today, delivering more products faster, with flawless execution and minimal business interruption defines supply chain success. Closing loops, redefining boundaries, and keeping simple principles in mind are all hot supply chain topics.

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