Standard & Poor's

  • SEC ratings case leads to payments by S&P

    “The takeaway for GCs [general counsels] is the increasing focus by the SEC on injunctive – and perhaps even market-changing – relief such as extracting from defendants admissions of culpability, retractions of prior statements, and agreements to exit key markets,” according to attorney Beth Boland.

  • S&P to pay $77 million in fines over securities rating mishandlings

    The SEC has evaluated Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services’ (S&P) ratings of commercial mortgage-backed securities, and the SEC has given S&P an F.

  • DOJ revives FIRREA law in Standard & Poor’s lawsuit

    An often-ignored financial reform law is getting its moment in the spotlight, thanks to a Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit against Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services (S&P).

  • Illinois sues S&P for fraud

    Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has sued Standard & Poor’s (S&P), claiming the financial services company inflated credit ratings to risky mortgage-backed securities, sparking the ongoing housing and financial crises.

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