• Nvidia gets a win at the ITC

    Nvidia has turned to the ITC as the venue of choice in its dispute with Qualcomm and Samsung, and the graphics chip manufacturer has recently received a favorable ruling in the case.

  • Chinese regulators to fine Qualcomm $1 billion in antitrust case

    The fine will be the largest paid by any single company in Chinese history. NDRC head Xu Kunlin also said that the fine will be “several times the total amount the NDRC fined last year.”

  • Smartphone patent wars poised to heat up

    China’s National Development and Reform Commission will foist several mandates on the tech company, including lowering its licensing fees and ending the reverse patent license program.

  • Samsung faces the ITC

    Nvidia files complaint at the International Trade Commission, accusing Samsung and Qualcomm of patent infringement

  • Qualcomm acquires IP from HP

    The portfolio, which consists of intellectual property related to mobile operating systems, contains approximately 2,400 patents. It features approximately 1,000 patents granted and pending in foreign countries – such as China, Japan, Korea, Germany and the U.K. -- and 1,4000 granted and pending patents in the U.S.

  • Do patents spur innovation?

    Qualcomm Inc. has invested $2 million to fund a study on the effect that patents have on innovation, to be conducted by the Searle Center at the Northwestern University School of Law.

  • NY pension fund sues Qualcomm over political spending

    New York’s public pension fund has added another wrinkle to the Citizens United debate with a lawsuit that attempts to force telecommunications company Qualcomm Inc. to disclose its political expenditures.

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