• A new cybersecurity reality for new media companies

    General counsel are uniquely positioned to drive cross-organizational approaches to preventing, reacting to and minimizing risk.

  • Audio surveillance and analysis: Sifting through the white noise

    As regulators expect corporations to effectively and thoroughly analyze their internal audio data, these institutions must understand this increasingly important realm of electronic data.

  • Life’s a breach: Make a New Year’s resolution to be prepared

    The following data breach New Year’s resolutions can help retailers avoid some of these issues and be better positioned for the increased cyber scrutiny anticipated for 2015.

  • Finland enacts new privacy laws

    The goals of the changes, according the body governing electronic communications, were: improving consumer protection, boosting information security and creating more equal telecoms markets.

  • Risky business

    That's why data privacy and security has become such a focus of enterprise risk management (ERM)—because it is so integral to the way that companies do business today.

  • Cybersecurity and compliance: Who is accountable?

    Make no mistake, the compliance challenges arising from data breaches and other cyber incidents are not limited to industries that, like retail and financial, garner the most conspicuous publicity for events that so directly affect the public.

  • Labor & Employment Digest: January 2015

    Perhaps no other subject represents a more treacherous legal obstacle course than the use and protection of private employee information. Federal and state regulatory bodies are not only taking an aggressive stance on breaches of customer data, but also the misuse of employee or candidate data by employers.

  • The Privacy Puzzle

    FTC Commissioner Julie Brill recently spoke with InsideCounsel about the FTC's stance on data security, privacy and how today's increasingly connected world puts both businesses and consumers at risk.

  • Rising to the occasion

    The increasing risk to reputation and financial status is now bringing others to the table when it comes to cybersecurity and privacy, and legal can have a considerable impact on protecting a corporation against cyber-compromise.

  • The employees’ cyber shield

    While there are similarities when it comes to protecting consumer and employee information, knowing some key differences can help in-house counsel institute preventive measures and limit damaging litigation if disaster does strike.

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