• Recent trends in the Supreme Court: The undoing of ‘patent law’

    Over the last decade, the Supreme Court has reversed a number of Federal Circuit decisions that seemingly carved out exceptions for patent cases.

  • Federal judge awards fees in Octane case

    Following a lengthy legal battle, a federal judge recently announced what Octane’s attorneys will get paid in the Icon Health & Fitness v. Octane Fitness patent infringement case.

  • Defensive intellectual property due diligence in clean tech

    IP due diligence begins with two questions. First, what are the company’s core technologies? (Part two of this three-part series gave some examples of how to identify core technologies.) Second, does the existing IP protect those core technologies? After cataloguing the IP, due diligence turns to focus on...

  • Financial and emotional costs are considerably less when IP planning is a part of the earlier developmental stages

    Intellectual property generally is the most valuable asset held by technology companies and, in fact, in many business entities across all sectors of the economy. IP accounts for an average of over 80 percent of company value. Whether the IP consists of manufacturing patents, marketing trademarks, corporate know-how, analytic formulas,...

  • Acquirer IPR in mergers and acquisitions

    In corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A), it is essential to conduct due diligence to understand the risks associated with any contemplated transaction. A crucial aspect of this diligence lies in evaluating the target’s liability or potential liability in patent litigation, particularly in light of the significant costs associated with litigation...

  • Patexia helps collaboratively fight frivolous patent litigation

    Participants in Patexia’s new Coalition Funding Initiative will be connected to other companies facing patent litigation to share costs and eliminate the threat through inter-partes review.

  • Intellectual value

    Welcome back, everyone. Judging by the non-tourist pedestrian traffic around our editorial offices, and the extra seats on the subway, a lot of people have been away. I managed to duck out of the city, the country even. And what did I do on my summer vacation? On one day,...

  • Show me the money

    Companies are under increased pressure to maximize the value of their assets, and with Big Data and data analytics, we’re in a highly competitive environment.”

  • Prepping for battle

    So far, this IP-themed issue of InsideCounsel has taken us through the steps of monetizing and protecting IP assets. But the fact of the matter is, in this day and age, the biggest trends that in-house counsel are tracking are those involving IP litigation. Whether your company is an accused...

  • Europe's new patent system

    Europe is moving towards an entirely new patent system that could come into effect as early as 2016. Under the new system, one Unitary Patent will be in effect across all of the participating 26 European Union member states, including at least Germany, the United Kingdom, France and 10 others....

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