• Department of Justice closes Samsung patent probe

    One such dispute, which can trace its roots back to the summer of 2013, has finally reached a conclusion, as the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has finally closed its investigation as to whether Samsung can use standards-essential patents to block Apple products.

  • Patent battle between Intellectual Ventures and Google ends on a mistrial

    After a day of deliberations, the jury has failed to come to a conclusive verdict on a case pitting Google Inc. against Intellectual Ventures, forcing the judge to announce a mistrial on the patent case allegations.

  • Attorneys general, general counsel hold frank discussion on patent trolls, Part 1

    As we have covered here on InsideCounsel, concerns about the behaviors of certain non-practicing entities (NPEs) have sparked action by both state attorneys general and general counsel.

  • Google, Cisco forge patent cross-licensing deal

    a unique reconciliation of sorts has been made between Google and Cisco -- two other giants -- who have come to terms in order to relieve themselves of future patent problems.

  • Mapping Innovation

    A patent map can visually identify hot spots for innovation as well as connections between industries, the graphical models can provide visual representation of the areas in which companies are protecting intellectual property and can help businesses stay one step ahead of the curve.

  • Is patent trolling on the rise?

    According to a recent study from Patent Freedom, a company that tracks these types of patent lawsuits, patent troll litigation is on the rise.

  • President Obama pushes Congress to pass anti-patent troll bill

    President Barack Obama has called for Congress to pass legislation aimed at reining in what many companies complain are “frivolous” patent infringement lawsuits. The President announced a blueprint for reducing the number of lawsuits in June and reiterated support for the effort in his State of the Union Address

  • Universities should cultivate start-up environments

    The research points out that it makes more sense for universities to cultivate an atmosphere for the enthusiastic start-up.

  • Qualcomm acquires IP from HP

    The portfolio, which consists of intellectual property related to mobile operating systems, contains approximately 2,400 patents. It features approximately 1,000 patents granted and pending in foreign countries – such as China, Japan, Korea, Germany and the U.K. -- and 1,4000 granted and pending patents in the U.S.

  • Mitigating smartphone patent litigation

    Patent trolls may be a frequent topic of conversation in the legal technology space, however, there are still a number of companies that license and distribute patent rights in the proper way.

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