patent trolls

  • BSA celebrates The Innovation Act to address patent abuse

    The Innovation Act will help curb abusive patent behavior by lowering incentives to file frivolous suits and put bad actors at financial risk when they file suits to make windfall profits through threats.

  • House appears ready to approve patent reform again

    The bill once again tries to curb abuses by non-practicing entities, also known as “patent trolls,” which frequently file lawsuits with the hope of getting fast payments from an established company.

  • Is patent reform really what's needed?

    There is speculation building whether patent reform legislation is still needed because recent court rulings apparently address many of the concerns that were leading to the push for a new law.

  • Microsoft settles suit with patent troll

    Perhaps afraid of another court decision that could result in a massive payout, Microsoft has decided to settle the case with VirnetX to the tune of $23 million.

  • A pivotal year for patent reform

    For corporate and IP counsel, 2014 was the year of patent reform, as the landscape shifted from good ideas into practical actions. Those actions are still taking shape, and it's unclear how comprehensive, effective and sustainable they will be. Nevertheless, legislative and regulatory patent reform was finally in play.

  • USPTO to rule on podcasting troll

    Now, though, public opinion has turned against the NPE. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has decided to throw its weight into the situation, stating its intention to argue before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Dec. 17.

  • Commissioner Julie Brill says FTC will go after patent trolls

    According to Brill, the FTC is nearly done with its study of PAEs, and after the data is in, the Commission will act on any unfair business practices in this arena.

  • QVC GC on NPEs, social media and more

    InsideCounsel recently had a chance to interview Larry Hayes, general counsel for QVC, about the challenges of that expansion, as well as other topics, including patent trolls and the rise of social media.

  • For NPEs, is it RIP, ITC?

    No one factor has made the ITC less attractive to NPEs. Instead it has been the incremental impact of several developments and a gradual change in the attitude of patent market participants.

  • New bill tries to limit abusive patent demand letters

    A new bill aimed at limiting the number of abusive patent demand letters was scheduled to be discussed by a House of Representatives subcommittee on July 10.

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