patent reform

  • Has the patent system been weaponized?

    There are few people in the world more qualified to comment on the current status of the patent space in the United States today. And, in short, he thinks it is broken – but might be getting better.

  • Is patent reform really what's needed?

    There is speculation building whether patent reform legislation is still needed because recent court rulings apparently address many of the concerns that were leading to the push for a new law.

  • Year in review: Top IP trends of 2014

    Click through the slideshow below to take a trip back in time and see the biggest stories of 2014 in the intellectual property space.

  • A pivotal year for patent reform

    For corporate and IP counsel, 2014 was the year of patent reform, as the landscape shifted from good ideas into practical actions. Those actions are still taking shape, and it's unclear how comprehensive, effective and sustainable they will be. Nevertheless, legislative and regulatory patent reform was finally in play.

  • The impact of PTAB appeals on the Federal Circuit

    As the first appeals of these new proceedings, which were created as part of the America Invents Act, work their way through the courts, patent lawyers will learn a great deal about the impact of the Patent Trial Appeal Board proceedings on the law, and what to expect in the...

  • What provisions may be included in a new patent reform bill?

    New patent reform proposal may include such provisions as the loser in a lawsuit pays for the other side’s legal fees, says attorney Jeffrey Morgan.

  • Patent reform, repeal of medical device tax stronger possibilities after the election

    Two prominent former members of Congress, Republican John Shadegg and Democrat Bart Stupak, now working as attorneys at major law firms, could see patent reform soon being enacted.

  • The non-practicing entity: A troll by any other name?

    These free-wheeling litigants are able to dive into lawsuits without the costs and risks that are so often the checks and balances of our legal system. But defining the abusers is challenging which, in turn, makes anti-troll legislation difficult.

  • Best practices for NPE litigation, Part 2

    Now we’ll examine the current and future state of the NPE litigation landscape and how NPE suits differ from competitor-vs.-competitor litigation.

  • Best practices for NPE litigation, part 1

    The guide, which is designed for executives at companies who are facing or may be facing NPE litigation, as well as patent practitioners, provides practical information for dealing with this unique type of litigation, including definitions of terms, examinations of recent and proposed legislation, and tips for litigators.

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