patent acquisition

  • Is Rockstar patent peace paving the way for a clearinghouse?

    A deal of this magnitude is proof that the conventional wisdom about patents is being turned on its head. Patents can be cleared on a large scale when valuations are reasonable and reflect the market demand.

  • Abiomed acquires ECP

    On July 1, Abiomed, Inc. announced its acquisition of Berlin-based medical device company ECP Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (ECP). ECP is in the process of developing a percutaneous catheter pump designed to increase blood circulation up to a flow rate of 4.5 liters a minute through an external drive shaft.

  • Nokia hires new CEO after tough first quarter

    Nokia revealed poor first quarter earnings, a new company CEO, and a revamped plan for the future just a few days after signing over its handset business to Microsoft. In the first three months of 2014, the struggling tech company's revenue fell to $3.7 billion—a whopping 15 percent loss over...

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