Partnership for American Innovation

  • The role of patents in software-implemented inventions

    Intellectual property protection drives research and development and provides the incentives that are essential for America’s economic growth and job creation. Without these incentives the patent system provides, we risk innovative companies quickly moving resources and talent abroad.

  • Patents fuel the American Dream

    It has been said time and again that America is the land of opportunity, and there’s a reason for that: patents. Our history of invention runs deep, and continues to power the patent system, which encourages America’s inventors today. Patents continue to play a huge role in the global marketplace...

  • Igniting innovation in utilizing patent assets

    Whether a company deals in food, healthcare, electronics or computers, intellectual property plays a key role, drawing together a multitude of experts from across the business.

  • Mega corporations partner to promote American innovation

    The companies, Microsoft, DuPont, Ford, GE, IBM, Apple and Pfizer, are leaders in manufacturing, healthcare and high technology, and have one common message they want to send to the American public and Congress: smart reform.

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