• The state of patent trolls in 2015

    When it comes to smothering inventions, no one does it better than patent trolls, also known as “patent assertion entities,” “non-practicing entities,” or “non-manufacturing entities.” Whatever the name, these parasites feed off the work of legitimate manufacturing companies that strive to create products and American jobs.

  • Patent trolls may find it harder to hire competent attorneys

    “Special interests, including Google, Cisco, Apple, Intel and Microsoft, have created such prejudice against the individual inventor and the small companies they create (calling them ‘patent trolls’ and worse) that they simply can no longer be successfully represented,” attorney Raymond P. Niro said.

  • Google wants to buy more patents to keep them away from patent trolls

    The marketplace, Google says, intends to eliminate some of the friction that currently occurs in the secondary market for patents and protect original patent holders from patent trolls.

  • Has patent reform really hurt the patent trolls?

    The debate continues whether more reform is needed, but further developments will occur, both in Congress and the courts and inside counsel need to stay alert.

  • Microsoft settles suit with patent troll

    Perhaps afraid of another court decision that could result in a massive payout, Microsoft has decided to settle the case with VirnetX to the tune of $23 million.

  • A pivotal year for patent reform

    For corporate and IP counsel, 2014 was the year of patent reform, as the landscape shifted from good ideas into practical actions. Those actions are still taking shape, and it's unclear how comprehensive, effective and sustainable they will be. Nevertheless, legislative and regulatory patent reform was finally in play.

  • For NPEs, is it RIP, ITC?

    No one factor has made the ITC less attractive to NPEs. Instead it has been the incremental impact of several developments and a gradual change in the attitude of patent market participants.

  • Top of mind: IP counsel discuss innovation, litigation and reform

    IP continues to grow in prominence and impact, both as a business asset and as a matter of concern for legal departments. With that in mind, having an IP specialist as part of a comprehensive legal team remains essential.

  • A troll by any other name: Patent reform from the top down

    The attack on patent trolls is seeing bipartisan support on both the state and federal government levels, but many dominos must fall before there is clarity on the matter.

  • From the Editor: Trolls, trolls everywhere

    As we usher in a New Year, one of the biggest issues affecting legal professionals and companies of all sizes is the threat of so-called “patent trolls.”

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