non-practicing entities

  • Prepping for battle

    So far, this IP-themed issue of InsideCounsel has taken us through the steps of monetizing and protecting IP assets. But the fact of the matter is, in this day and age, the biggest trends that in-house counsel are tracking are those involving IP litigation. Whether your company is an accused...

  • The state of patent trolls in 2015

    When it comes to smothering inventions, no one does it better than patent trolls, also known as “patent assertion entities,” “non-practicing entities,” or “non-manufacturing entities.” Whatever the name, these parasites feed off the work of legitimate manufacturing companies that strive to create products and American jobs.

  • Patent trolls may find it harder to hire competent attorneys

    “Special interests, including Google, Cisco, Apple, Intel and Microsoft, have created such prejudice against the individual inventor and the small companies they create (calling them ‘patent trolls’ and worse) that they simply can no longer be successfully represented,” attorney Raymond P. Niro said.

  • Concerns arise about new patent bills

    “We are very concerned … about provisions that were added that modify the inter partes review (IPR) program at the USPTO,” Matthew Levy said.

  • Shields, swords and sandboxes

    To build a robust portfolio that allows you to be competitive in your field, you need a strong mix of both offensive and defensive patents.

  • Google wants to buy more patents to keep them away from patent trolls

    The marketplace, Google says, intends to eliminate some of the friction that currently occurs in the secondary market for patents and protect original patent holders from patent trolls.

  • Has patent reform really hurt the patent trolls?

    The debate continues whether more reform is needed, but further developments will occur, both in Congress and the courts and inside counsel need to stay alert.

  • BSA celebrates The Innovation Act to address patent abuse

    The Innovation Act will help curb abusive patent behavior by lowering incentives to file frivolous suits and put bad actors at financial risk when they file suits to make windfall profits through threats.

  • Patent litigation down, tech companies still targets

    A new study from Unified Patents shows that patent litigation dropped in 2014, although the news is not all good for the tech sector.

  • Is patent reform really what's needed?

    There is speculation building whether patent reform legislation is still needed because recent court rulings apparently address many of the concerns that were leading to the push for a new law.

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