Mike Evers

  • Culture fit as a diversity blocker

    I was struck by a recent lunch conversation with a general counsel that took me back to a much earlier time in my career. Hint: I don’t golf.

  • Moving beyond diversity in the legal department

    The businessman’s comments “remind us that work is left to be done to create a true culture of inclusion,” and that action steps need to be taken in order to create that culture. The panelists agreed, and shared the best practices used to achieve this goal in their legal departments.

  • Achieving true diversity in the C-Suite

    Most businesses hold a common conception of diversity, but whether considering race, gender or other factors, it is important for companies to move beyond the existing paradigm to embrace actual change in corporate culture.

  • The path to the big chair

    This column is the first in a new format featuring advice directly from exceptional general counsel throughout the U.S.

  • Managing your boss

    When inside counsel call our firm to ask about new opportunities, we often hear some version of “I don’t like my boss” as the key motivator for seeking a move.

  • Truly helpful reference checking

    The vast majority of reference check calls should really be labeled validation calls.

  • 3 keys to landing an inside counsel freelance job

    Last month I suggested five tips for using inside counsel freelancers. Now it’s time to flip the coin and offer advice for inside counsel who wish to freelance.

  • 5 tips for using inside counsel freelancers

    Law department talent models continue to evolve in response to the question so often posed at inside counsel conferences: “How can general counsel handle increasing compliance requirements and other legal needs, while meeting stricter budgetary goals?”

  • Treat yourself to some free time

    I’ve discussed the importance of extracurricular activities such as conference networking, article writing and pro bono efforts.

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