Law Firm News / Trends

  • The 17th Annual Survey of General Counsel

    It's no secret that legal departments' relationships with law firms are somewhat tense. That tension is largely attributable to the fact that their objectives are ...

  • Taking Control

    The way for firms to differentiate themselves from the pack is by improving customer service and reducing legal fees.

  • A Better Partnership

    The 17th Annual Survey of General Counsel reveals the flaws in the GC-law firm relationship.

  • Joy Ride

    Lotus Elise's lightness makes it one of the nimblest sports cars on the road.

  • Big Firm Burnout

    Law firm refugees take shelter in the non-profit sector.

  • Uncork It

    BOJ's corkscrew lets you open a bottle of wine like a pro.

  • Billing Bliss

    How to make an investment in e-billing work for your legal department.

  • Relationship Management

    Savvy law firms have long used client service teams to ensure they are fulfilling their most important clients' needs. These teams seek client feedback through surveys and interviews and use this feedback to become more effective business partners for those clients. However, most general counsel don't have the time to...

  • Feedback Loop

    Part of my role as the publisher of InsideCounsel is to stay tuned in to how in-house counsel interact with the law firms they employ. To do that, I've recently moderated several panels of general counsel who--for the benefit of law firm attorneys in attendance--discussed their opinions of outside counsel...

  • Shopping Overseas

    Investing time in choosing foreign law firms pays off in the long run.

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