• Nvidia gets a win at the ITC

    Nvidia has turned to the ITC as the venue of choice in its dispute with Qualcomm and Samsung, and the graphics chip manufacturer has recently received a favorable ruling in the case.

  • Ericsson says Apple infringed upon 41 patents, seeks ITC exclusion orders

    Ericsson says that Apple infringed both upon standard essential patents related to 2G and LTE technology, as well as non-essential patents related to software and hardware design.

  • Cree files actions against LED competitor at ITC, federal court

    The marketplace shows great promise for LED sales. LED lighting sales jumped some 60 percent in 2014 and are predicted to increase another 34 percent in 2015, Needham & Co said.

  • Samsung flips the script on Nvidia at the ITC

    On November 21, Samsung brought its own complaint in front of the ITC, asking the Commission to block sales of products containing Nvidia chips because they infringed on Samsung’s IP.

  • IP and the ITC

    Recently, the International Trade Commission (ITC) has become a popular venue for IP disputes, including a clash between Apple and Samsung that ended up going as far as involving the White House.

  • Samsung faces the ITC

    Nvidia files complaint at the International Trade Commission, accusing Samsung and Qualcomm of patent infringement

  • For NPEs, is it RIP, ITC?

    No one factor has made the ITC less attractive to NPEs. Instead it has been the incremental impact of several developments and a gradual change in the attitude of patent market participants.

  • Samsung, Apple reach patent détente

    The two companies have released a joint statement, letting the world know that they have agreed to drop all suits against one another in countries other than the United States.

  • Choosing wisely: Practical considerations for choosing venues for IP disputes

    In the first two installments of this series we discussed the pros and cons of filing your intellectual property action in the United States district courts and at the United States International Trade Commission (ITC). Here we discuss inter partes reviews (IPRs), an option that is rapidly gaining popularity...

  • Trademark trends

    I recently sat down with Michael Allan, partner at Steptoe & Johnson LLP, to discuss trends in trademark law.

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