• Patexia helps collaboratively fight frivolous patent litigation

    Participants in Patexia’s new Coalition Funding Initiative will be connected to other companies facing patent litigation to share costs and eliminate the threat through inter-partes review.

  • Stroz Friedberg acquires Elysium Digital, bolsters forensics teams and expands IP offerings

    “The most effective way to safeguard a company’s ability to fully monetize its IP is to be thinking about protection and enforcement from the moment an idea is generated until it is replaced with the next great thing.”

  • Cybersecurity and intellectual property: How protected are you?

    The biggest threats to your company's intellectual property may reside inside your own organization. Employees are frequently the primary threat to data security, whether it's a departing employee stealing trade secrets, a well-intentioned employee placing valuable intellectual property on an unsecured computer or device, or a hapless employee accidentally installing...

  • Trade secrets and reasonable steps: Are you covered?

    Do your employees know what information or technology your company considers confidential? If not, take note: a court case involving MBL (USA) Corporation found that the company failed to inform employees “what, if anything, the plaintiff considered confidential.” As a result, the court dismissed the case against a former employee...

  • Show me the money

    Companies are under increased pressure to maximize the value of their assets, and with Big Data and data analytics, we’re in a highly competitive environment.”

  • Intellectual value

    Welcome back, everyone. Judging by the non-tourist pedestrian traffic around our editorial offices, and the extra seats on the subway, a lot of people have been away. I managed to duck out of the city, the country even. And what did I do on my summer vacation? On one day,...

  • Prepping for battle

    So far, this IP-themed issue of InsideCounsel has taken us through the steps of monetizing and protecting IP assets. But the fact of the matter is, in this day and age, the biggest trends that in-house counsel are tracking are those involving IP litigation. Whether your company is an accused...

  • Alphabet soup

    The Leahy–Smith America Invents Act (AIA) was seen as the most important new patent law in a half century when it was approved in 2011. The law basically moved the U.S. patent system from a “first to invent” to a “first inventor to file” system. It also allowed for inter...

  • IP lockdown

    The era of Big Data is, for better or for worse, upon us. And in this Brave New World that has such data in it, companies inevitably have massive amounts of information that must be kept both private and secure. Trade secrets such as customer lists, manufacturing processes and even...

  • How Verizon cut its copyright infringement risk

    With so much information available online and on shared servers, today's global organizations are more collaborative and unified than ever before. However, all of this sharing comes with its own set of potential pitfalls and liabilities.

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