• 7 ways to use patent examiner interviews to expedite patent allowance

    A telephonic or personal interview can be efficient and economical for advancing prosecution of your patent application, or it can be a disaster for patent counsel who is unprepared or who makes potentially damaging admissions on the record.

  • Siemens’ GC talks to NPR about bribery

    While Wal-Mart Stores Inc. made big headlines last week when it came to light that executives at its Mexican subsidiary, Wal-Mart de Mexico, may have engaged in rampant bribery, the big-box retailer was far from the first large company to be thrown into the middle of this type of scandal....

  • Litigation: Lights, action, interview

    Gathering information, particularly from witnesses, can be an elaborate production. Often the casting and the setting dictate the success of the endeavor; other times mood and tempo drive the outcome. As the investigator, it is incumbent upon you to carefully consider the known personal characteristics and temperament of the witness...

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