intellectual property

  • Protecting innovation while fostering collaboration: Joint development agreements

    If the circumstances warrant it, a JDA should also be executed to address the existing patent rights of each party and the parties’ obligations and rights with respect to future IP.

  • Microsoft making IP news

    Microsoft has making IP news after releasing IP portal, signing a cross-licensing agreement, and shifting the role of Horacio Gutierrez

  • Viewing IP as a supply chain

    Companies that review, assess and optimize at their entire IP supply chain can gain significant competitive advantage and enhance corporate value because they can put into place action plans to address any delays or inefficiencies found in their current process.

  • It's a wonderful (new) life

    Companies should not only look to comply with FDA labeling regulations but should also be aware of the broader requirements under the Lanham Act: that is, to not “misrepresent the nature, characteristics, qualities, or geographic origin” of their products or services.

  • Patent reform on Capitol Hill

    If there was a takeaway for the investors, it was that change doesn't come easy in Washington. But even though case law evolves slowly and comprehensive legislative changes are rare, the good news is that progress seems inevitable.

  • Protecting innovation while fostering collaboration: Non-disclosure agreements

    The risks that arise if an NDA is not executed include loss of trade secrets and possible loss of patent rights. By disclosing confidential information without an NDA, you may make your trade secrets vulnerable to misappropriation without recourse.

  • Washington Redskins trademark registration canceled

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, a decision following years of complaints that the name is offensive to Native Americans

  • Sherlock in the public domain? Elementary… or not…

    The estate of the late author contends that, since the later stories do a great deal to flesh out the Holmes character, the copyright protection should extend until the last Holmes story enters the public domain (sometime in 2022). This would have essentially extended copyright protection over the character to...

  • New tool available for searchers of U.S. patents

    The technology —dubbed the Ocean Tomo Patent Transactions Portal — is designed to enable users to discover recent changes to the patent system, and who has been doled out what assignment through the USPTO.

  • wins patent infringement case

    Attorney Trueba said the case shows it is often wiser to fight patent infringement litigation brought by patent trolls than to settle out of court.

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